Sunday, November 30, 2014

New News is Good News!

Hi, my friends!

I am so excited to announce that I am joining my dear friend Elizabeth on a new adventure over at Purpose over Pride.  I will still be renewing my commitment and passion for this little personal blog of mine, but I wanted to let everyone know about this news!  I won't put the full posts here, but I will give you a little teaser of my weekly posts with the link to read the full post at the bottom.  That being said, here is a little tidbit of my first post…

I’m going to be completely honest with you from the start…. I thought I had a bajillion ideas for this first post.  Yet, every time I sat down to look at the blank page (or blank space! Cue Taylor Swift in 3-2-1), I was suddenly aware of all other tasks that needed doing.  (Wait… I think I hear my dogs calling me for a dance party… Maybe I'll write later...)

Let’s face it, y'all.  There’s something incredibly daunting about every blank page.  Every fresh start.  Every new adventure. 

Why is that? 

To find out why I think blank pages are daunting, read here.  While you're at it, feel free to like our Facebook page so you can see when we update the blog!

I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving!


Sunday, November 23, 2014

Once upon a time...

...there was a girl who became very distracted by graduate school and life.  So distracted that she neglected to continue on one of her most beloved journeys… blogging.  Until one day when this girl realized that she really, REALLY missed her little blog.  She realized that updating this space not only helps keep her family and friends updated on her life, but also gives her a lovely writing outlet… which means, this blog is great self-care for her, and she hopes to begin writing frequently again…. The End.

Well, it's not really the end… because I AM BACK!!

Soooo much has happened in the last year and half that may or may not get a separate post… but I feel the need to have this "catch up" post.  Just in case anyone out there is reading this and is DYING to know what possibly could have happened in the last year and a half…  Here are the big things:

1) DARCY HAS A BROTHER!!!  Meet Sir Dashwood of Norland Bark, or Dash, a wild Wire Fox Terrier who bounces until he is ready to cuddle and then he gets up to bounce more.

He has been a unique adventure that has kept both Darcy and me immensely entertained… and busy.  He is about a year and half old now, but he is proving that he will most likely always have the spirit and playfulness of a much younger pup.

2) One of my favorite things that happened this past year was one of the most random and best decisions of my life.  I started and completed the writing program and Chicago's "The Second City" (where Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, etc. trained and performed).  This was such a beautiful adventure and honestly one of my favorite things that I've ever done.  It was also the most likely reason that I stopped writing in the blog (besides dissertation) because in doing the writing program, I had a unique opportunity to fulfill my need for creative writing.  It was glorious, despite missing my little blog.

Some of my writer friends after our shows

3) This basically goes with number 2… but I helped write and produce a show at The Second City, and it was scary and exciting and hysterical and many, many more things.  I am so grateful for all of the awesomely talented people I met through this process.

I was the "graphic designer" for our programs and posters
Performing the song I wrote! :)

4) I proposed my dissertation AND PASSED!  (Unfortunately, I still have to defend.  However, proposing is a huge step in the process!)

I had just found out I passed my dissertation proposal!

5) I applied to many internship sites as a part of my final year of classes for my doctorate, AND I was blessed to receive many interviews, too!  Which then meant that I got to travel all over the U.S. and meet new people and try to sound smart in interviews.

6) This is probably the biggest update of all…  I MATCHED TO A WONDERFUL SITE!  This process is the equivalent to the med school residency, and it is basically out of your hands once you rank sites and they rank you… until match day… at which point I found out that I matched at THE UNIVERSITY OF MAINE COUNSELING CENTER!!!!

7)  Well, if you have followed along this far, then you may have guessed that I am no longer in the Chicago area…. but I have moved to Maine for a year long internship!  It has been a wild ride so far, but I adore the people I work with… AND I am living in a part of the country I never imagined I would live in.

My second day on the job with fellow interns Nate and Gunnar!
My first lobster!
Sand Beach at Acadia National Park

That about sums up the biggest bits of news that I can think of… except for one more bit of news that I will share soon!  Until then, it is good to be back.

Long lost Miranda