Wednesday, May 29, 2013

When it rains, it floods...

When I first wrote this post (and apparently forgot to post it) it was the day of my first ever flood experience, April 18th... and looking back I'm shocked by 3 things: 1) WHY DID I NEVER POST THIS? 2) Why haven't I posted since Christmas?????? 3) A LOT has happened in the past few months.  

Now, I shall attempt to bounce back from my unintentional blogging hiatus.  And picking up where I left off with life for anyone remotely interested... here's an update:

* I went home for Christmas! I guess that's a given, though.

* My lovely Mama surprised sister and me with a trip to Disney World to bring in the New Year.  We had a blast, per usual... especially since all the Christmas decor was still going on.  Christmas AND Disney?  It's a dream come true!

The PQE, as we like to call it, is quite the process of essay writing and rewriting, critiquing yourself as a therapist, discovering your professional identity, etc... then answering questions about all the essays/identity confusion in a 2 hour oral exam with a committee of 2 professors.  It's quite the intimidating process, but a HUGE learning experience.  And despite my last minute identity crisis regarding my therapeutic theoretical orientation, I still managed to pass.  *sigh of relief*  I guess I know some things after all... whew.

* I spent my second Easter in a row with my beautiful Rabb family, whom I've adopted as my surrogate Wheaton family.  We planted jelly beans that turned into Tootsie pops, painted mugs, ate delicious food, and had some wonderful friend time.

* SCHOOL, SCHOOL, SCHOOL!  (This and PQE can be primarily to blame for the blogging hiatus) Now, as summer "break" has officially begun, I sadly have to focus much of my time on writing my dissertation... ick.

*Darcy has been enjoying some school of her own during her weekly Agility classes!  She's such a rock star.

Excuse the blur... she is just that fast!!

I'm seriously glad to be back, folks!  Hopefully, I can keep up with blogging again!  If I've learned anything from grad school it's this: when it rains, it really does pour... or flood.  (this is a metaphor describing the feelings of drowning in schoolwork, and now, dissertation...)  So when this post was originally titled as such, I guess it was referring to both the actual flood and the metaphorical flood of grad school.  However, I've also learned the importance of doing things I love to help me keep my head above water... whether that's spending time with people I love more than life, playing with Darcy, or writing in this blog. I intend to do a little more of all of these things I love to keep myself afloat going forward into the depths of dissertating!

Blessings and peace,