Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sometimes you just have to jump...

One of the lessons I'm constantly learning is that sometimes you just have to take the risk.  

Go for it.
Jump high, jump far. 
Jump for joy.  

And isn't faith a lot like jumping?  You have to have faith that when you go up, something is going to catch you... 
whether it's the ground or someone else.

When the opportunity presented itself for my mom, sister, and me to go to London during the Olympics, jump we did... 
we jumped right over that big pond to Europe and Olympic dreams-come-true.
We didn't necessarily have the money to spend or the time to spare, but we had the risk to take.
The spontaneous risk of beautiful memories...of lovely times together with family... of making the most of the moments God gives us on this earth... of living a life full of adventure.

Have you jumped lately?

Westminster Abbey 
On the London Eye
London Eye at night
Big Ben!
The "backyard" at Buckingham Palace!
Buckingham Palace
and Buckingham Palace, one more time...
The Tower of London....

Tower Bridge


busy bee lauren said...

These are the cutest photos. You both have such glorious jumping skills. I, however, do not have such skills.

Rocky Creek Scotties and Rocky Creek Ramblings said...

You gals are just so cute!! And you learned a valuable lesson. Life events that give us wonderful memories are so much more important than having a lot of "stuff"!!


Miranda said...

Haha Lauren! Thanks! I should probably do a post with all the jumping pictures that did NOT work out... :)

And Lynn- Thanks so much! And I completely agree. :)