Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Happy Tuesday, friends!  You may remember that I mentioned here a little something about going to LONDON for the OLYMPICS!!  (I still get excited thinking about it!) While I have another post in the works about the trip, I thought I could go ahead and take you on an Instagram journey through our trip of a lifetime.  

Off we go!

Lee Ann and I started off the trip on the 13th row of a very small plane.... and our seat just so happened to be right next to the lou (that's right... I'm practically British now, so I can say things like that.)

We thought the smell might have something to do with the Egyptian mummy under our seat....

LA  was reeaaaalllly struggling to breathe.  (Y'all, it reeked.)

At long last, we made it to the BIG plane and escaped the smelly row!  
Off to London!

Day 1... 
We got off the plane (having hardly slept a wink), stopped by the hotel, and then hopped on a "Big Bus" tour of the city!

The Big Bus dropped us off at Big Ben.

And we may have happened upon the Olympic torch passing through the city!

Big Sherlock fans that we are, we simply HAD to eat at "The Sherlock Holmes" Pub.

A lion spotting in Trafalgar Square!

And here we have the National Gallery along with the countdown to the Olympics (1 day!)

Day 2...  
The day of important roads.  

We walked on THE Abbey Road.  
(Please notice how Beatles-like my mama is.  It's awesome.)

And we spent some quality time on Baker Street at 221B.

That night, after watching the opening ceremonies live at a banquet, WE SAW PRINCE WILLIAM AND PRINCESS KATE!!!  And we freaked out.  But since we didn't realize it was them at first, we didn't even think to take a picture.  This is what we looked like though...

(Our hotel was very close to Kensington Palace, where the young royals live when in London... so we were walking to the hotel and they were going home after being at the opening ceremonies and just so happened to drive by us.)

Day 3...  
We went to the Olympic Park (although we weren't able to get tickets to go inside)..

We paid to go to the bathroom.... (weird, right?)

We went to the Tower of London, saw the crown jewels, and enjoyed the best tour every by Billy the Beefeater.  

Billy was so dashing he was instagrammed twice. 

And this is one of my favorite iconic London sites... The Tower Bridge.

Day 4... 
We hopped aboard the "tube" and headed off to an actual Olympic event!!!!!  

Artistic gymnastics preliminary event!  Surreal.  I legit cried I was so in awe of the Olympic experience.

After gymnastics, we found a telephone booth...
And we went on a ride around the London Eye!  So. Incredible.

Another view from the Eye...

And please, if you ever go to London, just eat some Ben's Cookies, okay?  
It will change your life.
Trust me on this.

Day 5...  

High Tea time!  :)

And some quality time in the Princess Diana memorial fountain at Hyde Park.

We also watched events live from big screens in the park.  So fun.

Day 6...
The last day!  And what else does one do whilst in London?  
Visit the Queen, of course!!!  
(And check it out.... The flag was flying at Buckingham Palace, so the Queen was home while I was IN her home.  Basically, we're best friends.)

Day 7...
Fly home and play with our neck pillows.  Nuff said.  

All in all, it was an amazing adventure.  I can't wait to share my favorite part about the trip soon... until then.... Cheers, loves!

(p.s.  someone actually said "cheers, love!" to me while we were there.  I fainted, basically.)


Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

I'll be honest, I am currently drooling with jealousy! :)

I mean, the London Eye, Abbey Road (gosh, Abbey road what a dream) and the palace! Looks like you did it all!

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Oh my goodness... I love seeing your experience of the Olympics!! We watched to much of it, but I can imagine how amazing it was to be there! Your pictures are fantastic! What is your instagram name... I want to see all you photos! :)

Miranda said...

Mikelle! I think we DID do it all! At least all the touristy things. :) It was so fun!

Jennifer- I'm so glad you love the pictures! My sister took some great "real" photos that I hope to post soon. It was really cool to be there during the Olympics! So many people from ALL over the world in one place! :) My instagram name is: mirandameadows :)