Monday, October 8, 2012

Becoming grateful...

Usually, I have more words on this "becoming grateful" Monday post, but today... I think my gifts are enough (plus, I have a test to study for!).  It's been a week FULL of God gifts, sometimes hidden amidst the busyness and other times in plain sight.  Either way, I am grateful for them, big or small, obvious or hidden.  Here are just a few from my count to 1,000 for this week (notice how close I'm getting to that big number!):

811... Yellow leaf blanket
812... Watching leaves fall


814... Drawing my classmates...

815... Darcy's face (who wouldn't see that as a gift?)

819... Finishing a journal

820... Starting a new journal
821... the 1st page of my new journal pictures a girl and her Scottie.... it may be a little thing, but such a God thing to make my heart smile (and I did NOT realize this when I bought it!)

823... Sunshine beams through picket fence making sun stripes on yellow leaves

824... Darcy "swimming" through leaves
825... Morning dew collect on a spider's web

827... Grace given and received
829... Blossoming new friendships
832... Learning the "Thriller" dance with Tammy
834... Emoticon messages

835... coming downstairs to find Darcy on MY blanket and pillow, but not having the heart to move her

836... a second 5k with sweet friends

839... Salted caramel hot chocolate
840... Naps with Darcy
841... Beginning the winter treadmill walks (Darcy, not me! :)
843... Honey Crisp season!

844... Darcy's love of her hedgehog

845... Head cocking Darcy, fascinated by the "Dog Whisperer".... (see below!)

846... Finishing and turning in a reflection paper TWO days EARLY!  (this is really quite unbelievable, folks...)

That's it for now, my friends!  I hope your week is full of blessings!


Mikelle Jade {The Honeypie Archives} said...

love the leaf pictures.
and your shoes are cute.

Darcy is lucky, that hedgehog toy looks so fun.

Jennifer {Studio JRU} said...

Aww... Darcy is just so sweet!! Love the beautiful fall photos. My favorite season! :)

busy bee lauren said...

Those leaves are just so dang dreamy!