Monday, October 1, 2012

Becoming grateful... grace for mistakes

"Miss Miranda, I made a mistake!"  

She sighs out the words in frustration, brow crinkled and eyes frowning.  I sit down next to her and touch the long red waves covering her back, asking "What is it?"  I look hard at her little canvas covered in paint of every color that seems so perfectly fitting for this bright, laughing child with a personality as big as a rainbow.

"Look!  I messed up..."

Seeing only bright beauty on the formerly white canvas, I say "I don't think you can ever really make a mistake in art.  Mistakes can just be made beautiful."

The red head pops up and wide, brown eyes stare deep into my own.  She squints, trying to understand. And then the light comes into her eyes as she looks back at her little creation.

She sees the mistake for something different now: an opportunity.

An opportunity... to make more beauty.... to accept.... to grow.... to give grace to her imperfections.

Because it seems that when we give ourselves the grace to accept our mistakes, we can move past the shame of the mistake and move towards finding meaning and purpose.  We can learn and grow.  Through grace, we can find the beauty of the opportunity that mistakes provide.  

So today I'm grateful for mistakes and the freedom of grace.  

I'm also grateful for the counting of blessings.  As I continue the count to 1,000, here are some of my God gifts from this past week:

775... Waking up to a snuggly pooch in bed, belly up!

779... Sick Carlee snuggles
780... Tiny hand squeezing mine

782... Walking with a red wagon filled with red curls

784... Chloe's vote as "Top Best" babysitter 
785... 2 hours and 36 minutes talk with Elizabeth, sharing and dreaming
787... Smiles and compliments from sweet little girls who love my pearl headband

788... Green chalkboards
789... "White Lightning," reminding me of Best Friend (Ashley, you know what I'm talking about!)
792...  A country church and cloudy skies

794... God's protection of my precious blessing dog when she chased a squirrel across the street
796... A girl and her unicorn

799... Chloe's gifts to me, pictures drawn with love
800... Darcy in crayon

809... the blessing of Sarah's friendship

I hope y'all have had a blessed Monday!

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Meadows said...

and as Mama always says..."there are no mistakes in art...only happy accidents."