Sunday, October 14, 2012

A faBOOlous weekend!

That's right.  I said it.
I'm getting straight up punny.  
Because this weekend has been faBOOlous!  Despite the craziness of the semester, I'm trying to have a little fun and "self-care" as us psychology folks like to call it.

This weekend, self-care = being scared.  A lot.

Friday night...
A big group of friends ventured into a haunted corn maze in the pitch black.  While I don't startle easily (apparently) and I'm more likely to laugh than scream, others are definitely screamers when monsters/zombies/scary clowns/the grim reaper jump out at you.  
It was to die for (pun intended, of course!)...

aMAZEing, right?  (post's theme = pun fun)

Saturday night...
A smaller group of friends got together for a haunted house experience.  While most of it seemed less scary than the corn maze, there were definitely some major freak out moments for us.... like the several times we were made to go through completely dark hallways with things hanging from the ceilings and hitting us in the face. We may have gotten lost in the dark a few times... and then the ceiling suddenly dropped at one point.  THAT was not fun.

Yet, even when it was pretty creepy, all I could do was laugh.

All weekend long...
To add to my haunting weekend, I'm reading a book about demon possession in the Middle Ages for my "History of Christianity" class.  It doesn't make this weekend even more creepy or anything...

I hope your weekend has been SPOOKtacular, too!  
(oh the punny-ness...)

P.S.  I'm not sure what my blog looks like to y'all, but from this side of my computer screen, my blog design is all over the place crazy.  If you are seeing that, too, I apologize for the sudden non-aesthetically pleasing-ness of this place.... I have NO idea what happened. 
Maybe it's time for a new blog design??

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Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

that looked like such a blast! I need to get myself over to acorn maze now :) LOVE FALL!