Thursday, October 25, 2012

5 minute Friday (on Thursday)... Voice

Every Friday, the lovely Lisa-Jo hosts "five minute Friday," a party where beautiful people come to bare their souls on the same word... with only five minutes to write.  No perfectionism is allowed; simply the freedom to write and to be...  It's unedited, imperfectly perfect goodness where community is encouraged.  I haven't joined this community in a while, but I'm linking up tonight... especially since the topic is so fitting to something that's been on my heart today.

The word this week is: 


Tonight’s the perfect time for me to write about this… my voice.  Today has been a struggle with feeling that my voice is completely lost.  I feel like I’m shouting on the inside, but on the outside, all anyone can hear is what the world is demanding to be heard.  I have a voice, yet it feels like its drowning in a sea of everyone else’s voices about what needs to be done with my life.  With my passions.  With my gifts. 

With my voice. 

My story is being written, but is my voice shining through?  Or other voices?

More importantly, is the One who writes my story shouting loudly with my life?

Because, that’s what I want more than anything.  But I feel vulnerable and confused when the desires of my heart, what feels like my true voice, can’t be utilized in my everyday life.  Over here there is a post today about what fires you up… and I think that is where we find our individual unique beautiful voices…. But the One who gave the voices composes the melody.  And sometimes, I fear that my true voice, the melody he gave me to sing, is not really being sung.


And my 5 minutes are up!

(Why don't you go read what some other folks are writing while your at it?  You won't regret it.)

Five Minute Friday


Emily said...

How ironic that you would get to write about voice on a 'voiceless' day! And what a great word picture - the voice that is screaming on the inside but only a whisper outside. I'm going to carry this image with me.

BARBIE said...

Stopping by from the 5 Minute Friday. We are neighbors. We have similar thoughts today. Praying your voice will be used mightily by the Lord to accomplish His work in you.

Denise said...

Praying for you.