Saturday, September 29, 2012

Darcy's great chase...

Hi blog world!  
I’m Lady Darcy of Pemberley, and my human is letting me take over today.  Basically, she will let me do anything I want from now on… I think because I just won a game of chase.  You see, today we were walking around my favorite grassy area and that crazy lady of mine kept yelling “fetch” and throwing the bouncy round ball thing in front of my face.  I ran next to it a few times, but then I looked at her to see if she would go get it.  It’s really a fun game.  She always brings it back to me. 

Well, one of these times I was running alongside the bouncy ball when all of a sudden I get a whiff of that heavenly aroma of SQUIRRELLLLL!!!!  And let me tell you, nothing, I mean NOTHING smells as wonderful.  I look up ahead and I see it:  the most smelly and furry little critter just standing on the sidewalk waiting for me to come play…. And then what does he do?  He turns and runs.  Obnoxious. So what do I do?  I run as fast as I can after him, of course!!!!  He would be SOOOO much more fun to play with then that bouncy ball thing. 

So here I am running with my long necklace (mom calls it a "leash," I call it bling) trailing behind… and I hear my human yelling “STOP!! WAIT!  STOOOOP WAIT!!! DARCY!  STOP!!!”  I don’t really know what those words mean, and honestly, I didn’t care at the moment.  All I could think about was SQUIRRRRREEELLLL!!!!! 

So I am running across that dark flat area with the yellow lines on it, and all of a sudden, there are those big animals with the round legs that roll like the ball coming from both directions.  Well, who cares?  They should just back off.  That squirrel is MINE!  Next thing I know, the biggest one of those animals I’ve ever seen get’s right up on me and stops suddenly with it’s round leg right next to me and it squeals loudly, and I turn around and yell “BACK AWAY!! THAT SQUIRREL IS MINNNNE!!!”  (Mom says it sounded more like I yelled “YELP!!!” but whatever).  Then, I turn back around… and the squirrel is GONE.  And all those big animals are still stopped and staring at me…. And here comes my crazy human screaming and waving her paws as she runs out in front of all the big animals!  Well, it looked to me like she wanted to play a game of chase too..... sooooo I ran.  And ran.  And ran.  As fast as I could.  I even ran back across in front of the big animals AGAIN, and she still yelped and screamed and waved those weird paws of her’s.  Sometimes I stopped and looked at her, because let’s face it…. She really isn’t all that fast.  But then I would start running again every time she got close until I finally made it home. 

And basically, that was the weirdest game of tag I’ve ever played.  And since we’ve been home, my human keeps wiping her paws across her face to catch all the water leaking from her eyes.  She also keeps touching me and kissing me and feeling all my bones for some reason.  And then her eyes leak some more and she makes really weird squeaky sounds.  I try to ignore her, but she just won’t leave me alone.  

Oh well…. At least she’s giving me lots of treats!

Wags and wiggles,
Lady Darcy of Pemberley 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Becoming grateful… the sweet moments in pain

This weekend, I celebrated life with sweet friends at the concert of my favorite band NEEDTOBREATHE.  I love their music, and I especially love them live… but I must admit, this band brings back precious memories. 

As I sang along to every song, I couldn’t help but remember the first NEEDTOBREATHE concert I attended.  It was only a week or so after receiving news that would change forever my family and future.  Things that I thought would never change quickly became unstable. 

I was living in the tension of love and loss, feeling deeply the pain of mourning.

Yet, weeks before I knew my life would change in the blink of an eye, I had planned a trip to surprise my sister at her initiation into my beloved sorority, Phi Mu, and a part of that surprise was a ticket to the NEEDTOBREATHE concert.   

The night of initiation, I hid behind friends until just the right moment… and then my sweet sister and I locked eyes and grabbed each other into the biggest embrace…  An embrace that had words of it’s own.

It screamed that our lives had changed.  It whispered that we were so unsure.  It spoke of our fears. 

But more than anything, this tight hug spoke to our togetherness in this life of uncertainty and brokenness.  And I am not sure that I can think of a more precious and sincere moment in all my life.  Because that’s what pain does: it makes us feel things more fully and genuinely, both the good and the bad. 

Pain makes us honest and real.  It brings us into the present moment.  We feel the past pain but grasp frantically for that moment of hope and joy and love in the present. 

And that’s what I felt when I held my sister in my arms that night.  Pain, yes… but an even sweeter joy that told me this world is broken… but God gives sweet gifts to remind us of His presence and His future that is never uncertain.  He gives us sister hugs.  He gives us a night to remember at a NEEDTOBREATHE concert (we met the band after!).  He gives us moments of grace, tenderness, and honesty.

And all of a sudden, in the midst of pain beyond belief, things that seemed so little, maybe even normal, like a hug after months of being far apart… these things suddenly fill the heart deeply with love and hope.  For these things, I’m surely grateful.

~ It’s my first post of my gift counting in a LONG time, but I’m still counting to 1,000 and so grateful for the gifts He gives me.  Here’s some of my list lately... ~

746.  God’s Word in the Psalms, spoken over my heart 
(I’m listening to the Bible on my way to and from internship!)
747.  Finishing my first 5k!

748.  The comfort of rain showers
749.  The smell of fresh rain
754.  Beautiful skies this week

755.  God things
760.  Beautiful music with beautiful friends

764. Pink cotton candy fluff
765.  Cotton candy sugar sparkles

770.  Darcy’s velvet nose
(don't you just want to kiss it?)

771. Chocolate chip handfuls
772. Breakfast for supper

Have a blessed week, my friends!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Life lately...

Once again, it's been a while since I've written.  Summer life has been both busy and relaxing (depending on the day), but full of joy and gratefulness.  Here are some of the things that have been filling my life lately:

Adding the letters "M.A." after my name and officially becoming a "Master" :)

Babysitting these sweet girls...

The wedding of one of my gorgeous little sisters from my sorority (Go Phi Mu!!)

A trip home and a trip to the beach with the whole Rutherford gang!! :)

A surprise birthday tea party for my baby sister!

Time with best friends

The most random trip of my life to LONDON during the Olympics!!! (A post to come!)

The wedding of my "brother" Adam to his beautiful bride, Lily!

Tons of time with Lady Darcy of Pemberley...

And last, but not least, I PASSED COMPS!!!! 

Studying for my comprehensive exams has kept me from posting about my fun summer activities, but now that I've PASSED (I'm still in shock!), you can expect to hear more from me (this is NOT a lie)... especially about my trip to London!