Monday, December 3, 2012

It's the most wonderful (and busy) time of the year!

It's here, folks!  Christmastime, that is.  
I love so much about this time of year... the Christmas spirit, the lights, decorations, music, and movies... and especially the time spent with family and celebrating the Advent season.  

However, as a 4th year doctoral student, this has also quickly become one of the craziest semesters of all... and now that Christmas is here, so is crunch time.  There are papers to write, dissertations to "dissertate," applications for internships to fill out, finals to study for, etc.  And it all happens during the merriest season of all.  

Suffice it to say, I have a lot of pictures and posts that will **hopefully** be coming soon, but in the meantime here are some phone and instagram pictures of my "Santa's Workshop" themed Christmas decor.  
(I will take some much better pictures soon.  Promise. Until then... back to paper writing!) 

Darcy uses the tree as one giant head scratcher...
What a face!
Santa's Workshop tree!!!
Merry Christmas! :)   

Friday, November 2, 2012

5 minute Friday... Roots

Again I am joining the lovely writing flash mob that happens every Friday over at Lisa-Jo's.  For 5 minutes, with no editing or over thinking, beautiful people write about a single word in whatever way they please.  And for this week, the word is...



I remember my small feet walking across the large roots of the big oak trees.  The knobby, thick roots seemed to shoot out from this larger than life tree.  My little hands would reach out and feel the bark, looking up into the branches, wide and strong, high and low. 

It seemed like nothing in the world could possibly move those trees.  It didn’t matter that they were hundreds of years old, witnesses of days, stories, and years lived and other little hands and feet climbing amongst the branches.  Their power and strength and bigness was firmly rooted. 

They were immovable.

I want a faith like that.  A life like that.  Rooted firmly in who I am and who God created me to be.  I want people to look at me and wonder what keeps me in that one place as I live my years and tell my story.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween merriment!

While I don't particularly have fond feelings for Halloween (I don't hate it, but don't love it)... I do adore costumes.  
With my whole heart.  

So in the past few days, I have totally maximized the freedom of costume wearing that Halloween provides with.....

1.  A unicorn.  My dream come true.  
And I wore this costume while fulfilling another dream:  dancing in a flash mob to "Thriller," just like in "13 going on 30".... it was spectacular.  (I also got to have a sleepover with my new friend Tammy, who I adore.  We are so similar, we may have been separated at birth.)

2.  A hedgehog.  
It was pretty epic.
(And this was at a "Whirlyball" party for graduate psychology students... If you've never played Whirlyball before, it is a combo of bumper cars, lacrosse, and basketball... it's crazy, painful, and incredibly fun.  I still have bruises.)

Laura... my amazing hedgehog partner in crime.
One of my dearest friends in the world, Sarah.
Lovely Kate, a contestant on "The Price is Right"

3. Pavlov's dog.  
I wore this to school today because I'm a total psychology nerd... And if you know about Pavlov and his dogs, you will understand the importance of the bell.  

Of course, no Halloween is ever really complete without Darcy's epic unicorn costume... plus, I can't have ALL the costume fun...


Also, this is a gem from childhood.  Oh man, it's too funny....

Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

5 minute Friday (on Thursday)... Voice

Every Friday, the lovely Lisa-Jo hosts "five minute Friday," a party where beautiful people come to bare their souls on the same word... with only five minutes to write.  No perfectionism is allowed; simply the freedom to write and to be...  It's unedited, imperfectly perfect goodness where community is encouraged.  I haven't joined this community in a while, but I'm linking up tonight... especially since the topic is so fitting to something that's been on my heart today.

The word this week is: 


Tonight’s the perfect time for me to write about this… my voice.  Today has been a struggle with feeling that my voice is completely lost.  I feel like I’m shouting on the inside, but on the outside, all anyone can hear is what the world is demanding to be heard.  I have a voice, yet it feels like its drowning in a sea of everyone else’s voices about what needs to be done with my life.  With my passions.  With my gifts. 

With my voice. 

My story is being written, but is my voice shining through?  Or other voices?

More importantly, is the One who writes my story shouting loudly with my life?

Because, that’s what I want more than anything.  But I feel vulnerable and confused when the desires of my heart, what feels like my true voice, can’t be utilized in my everyday life.  Over here there is a post today about what fires you up… and I think that is where we find our individual unique beautiful voices…. But the One who gave the voices composes the melody.  And sometimes, I fear that my true voice, the melody he gave me to sing, is not really being sung.


And my 5 minutes are up!

(Why don't you go read what some other folks are writing while your at it?  You won't regret it.)

Five Minute Friday

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

London calling

If you've followed my blog at all, 
then you have no doubt heard of my little sister Lee Ann.
She is beautiful and super silly, and I'm beyond grateful to have her in my life.  

You should also know that this girl has a passion for photography, and she has some killer skills to top it off.  She took thousands of pictures of our trip to London, and although I had a VERY hard time picking them out... 
here are just a few of my favorites.

The Olympics, of course!
Amaaaaazing ice cream
The London Eye
The view from the Eye

A tea time photo bomb opportunity!

One of the Queen's carriages
The back of Buckingham Palace
Tower Bridge at night
The front of Buckingham Palace

Westminster Abbey

Tower Bridge
I love the reflection of Tower Bridge!
A show projected on the House of Parliament

Monday, October 15, 2012

Becoming grateful... even when you fall

The other day, I wrote about jumping into a life of adventure and risk.  

But one of the risks of jumping is that sometimes, you may fall... 

or your landing may not be just the way you want it to be...

or maybe you don't get off the ground just the way you would like.

Yet, the beauty of falling is that sometimes you need to learn from the fall to know how to jump better and farther and higher the next time.

 One of my favorite people of all time, Mr. Walt Disney, took a lot of risky jumps... and often had some bad landings.  Yet, if he hadn't continued to leap despite his falls and bad takeoffs, would we have all the wonderful things that have come from his adventurous leaps of faith?   

"To some people, I am a kind of Merlin who takes lots of crazy chances,
but rarely makes mistakes. I've made some bad ones, but fortunately,
the successes have come along fast enough to cover up the mistakes."
~Walt Disney~


It's another week of counting down to 1,000 God gifts... and this week I made it to 900!  Here are a little sample of my gifts this past week.

852... Wise words and encouragement from my supervisor
854... Feeling the pain of others
857... Pink houndstooth
859... Losing the sidewalk in the leaves
860... Apples and caramel
862... Convincing a professor that a classmate and I didn't need to go to a particular meeting
863... Studying with Kate
868... Looking through Sandi's books
870... Chick-fil-a date with Andrew and Quiana
872... High fives from my "dissertation chair!"
873... A card from Mama
874... Spoons ticking time with the Swedish Chef
875... A 2nd friend date with Tammy
876... Bibs and BBQ
878... Dancing like a zombie
879... Someone referring to Tammy and me as "besties"
880... Excited hands and much giggling after being called besties!
884... A drive with Julie
885... A corn maze in the dark!
886... Linked arms with sweet friend Amanda
893... Haunted house hysteria
895... Muddy boots
896... 90s music sing-a-long
897... Darcy stares from the stairs
898... Darcy stares that I wake up to in the morning
899... the back side of leaves
900... A remnant of ebbing life from trees