Sunday, October 9, 2011

Country girl in the big city

For two years, I've lived in what I consider "the city."  This suburb of Chicago certainly feels that way to me after spending most of my life on a farm several miles from any semblance of "city life".... and I would hardly call my sweet little Mississippi town a city.  

For the first time in my two years here, I traveled to downtown Chicago and walked down its streets.... all. by. myself.   I know, I know... this shouldn't be such a big deal, especially since I have gone downtown many times.... But this time, I was alone.  (and I drove in the big city traffic... that really IS a big deal, right?)

 But as I stood feeling all alone and small, all the while surrounded by hundreds of people and larger than life buildings, I couldn't help but think about back to the little girl on the farm who always had big dreams to see the world, wanting to live grand adventures in big cities.

What would that little girl think if she saw me now?  Did she know back then that she would one day live far from the people and places she held most dear?  I know she had immense faith that her adventures would come sooner or later, and I hope to retain the faith of that long ago Miranda-child.  I think I felt like a child even more as I wandered through Millennium Park up to Michigan Avenue and hailed a cab.... the 24-year-old Miranda seeming far away as I tried to look confident and not so wide-eyed and giddy.

I will always dream of more adventures and travels to distant places, and I hope to live out those dreams.  Yet, here I am in the big city... and in my two years here, I realize that, while I love the adventure and I'm so grateful to be living it, I long for the quiet farm life.  And when people ask me where I will go after I'm a "doctor," I always get that dreamy look in my eyes... similar to when I was a little girl dreaming of big places... and I say something like, "Wherever God leads me... but I'm hoping to one day have a farm in the South with lots of trees, animals, and gardens." 
 *insert sigh of longing here*    

All that being said, I had such a blessed day downtown, where I met up with my "Little sister" from my fabulous sorority, Phi Mu.  Here we are the night that she found out that I was her "Big."  
(One of my favorite Phi Mu memories)


It was such a joy to see sweet Meghan after so many years... she transferred not long after becoming my "Little,"  and although we have not talked consistently over the years, seeing her again was just like picking up where we left off.  She is one of the most precious people in the world, and her family was just as wonderful!  I was greeted by hugs from everyone, and I felt even more like Meghan's "sister" than ever before.

And can I just say that I loved hearing her sweet mom tell Meg's fiance that we looked like real sisters.  I think so too... :)

Meghan and her fiance looking at "The Bean"...

I'm anticipating even more downtown adventures in my future, but I'm especially excited for my next reunion with my sweet little Meghan!  

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Natalia said...

It looks like lots of fun! Friends are the best, and it's especially great catching up with the ones you don't see much. Have a lovely week!