Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Summer List

Summer.  A time I have always cherished for relaxation and recreation.... and definitely recuperation.

Honestly, I don't really know how many true summers I have left.  You know the kind of summer I'm talking about... the no-school-or-work-for-at-least-a-month-or-two kind.  I have lucked out the past 2 summers because my internships haven't started until mid-August.  But next year.. who knows?

So, I have decided to make the most of this time with my friends and family.  My sister and I, in our usual silliness, created a list of everything we HAD to (or simply wanted to) do during the next month and a half.  Most of it is silly/fun stuff that we just love to do together now... some of it we loved to do together as children and we just feel like trying to be childlike again...  some of it is more serious... but all of it is fabulous.  At least to us anyway! 

So ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to present.... *drumroll please*..... THE LIST.

* Build a "fort" in the living room (we did this a couple of days ago, but it will probably happen again.)

* Watch Disney movies (preferably in aforementioned fort)

* Have a Lord of the Rings marathon (and I don't mean just watching the movies... we watch ALL of the extra stuff, the extended additions, AND the commentaries.  Because we're just that hardcore.) 

* Have a photo shoot (little sister is wonderful at taking photos... and she just got a fancy camera for her birthday.  Clearly she needs models to experiment with... and Darcy and I are her girls!)

* Play "hardcore" hide-and-seek... aka really really REALLY intense hide and seek where we dress in camouflage, paint our faces, etc.  It. is. AWESOME.)

* Have a tea party (and we plan on wearing fabulous hats to said tea party)

* Have dance parties in our kitchen... as often as possible.

* Play on the Wii... specifically the games that involve dancing to Michael Jackson songs or singing to Disney tunes

* Play "rapids" in the pool... (We can actually mark this off the list.  We played it the other day... It is a game we played when we were little that involved a *pretend* wrecked cruise ship... and it eventually leads to us traveling down "rapids" on our raft, etc.  It wasn't nearly as exciting as 24 and 19 year olds and lasted a total of 1 minute.. if that long.  But it was definitely fun to "relive" a childhood game.)

* Create a synchronized swimming routine... one of our greatest amateur skills, I believe.

* Have a picnic (or two or three...)

* Camp in our backyard and look at the stars

* Read The Princess Bride (This involves me reading the book TO Lee Ann.  And I do all the voices. We have been trying to finish reading the book for years... and we WILL finish this summer!)

* Ride bikes on the trail

* Go see several movies at the theater

* Stage rap music videos (which will surely be posted on this here blog...)

* Visit the Memphis zoo and New Orleans aquarium

* Go to the beach

* Go camping

* Swim all the time

* Exercise regularly

* Read the Bible and have devotional/prayer time together

* Learn a Napoleon and Tabitha (choreographers from "So You Think You Can Dance") hip hop routine

* Have a spa day

* Ladies Night Out with all the girls in our extended family (this is one of my favorite "traditions")

* Game night with my Uncle David and Aunt Susie

* Play Laser Tag

* Put together a puzzle

* Make tie dye shirts

And here are a few of my own individual goals:

* Visit my wonderful college friends in Birmingham

* Visit my best friend Ashley (as much as possible!)

* Visit my friend Adam at his "new place"..... (He recently moved onto a boat.  Isn't that fabulous?)

* Have an art day with Uncle David

* Draw something everyday

* Read the whole Bible (more on this later)

* Memorize scripture (also more later)

* Finish a watercolor painting

We may not get to do all of these things... and we may even add to the list!  One thing is for sure... we definitely have some ideas to fill our days.  
I will keep you updated on our progress! :)  

What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?

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