Saturday, July 16, 2011

Southern Summer Adventures... week one.

Although I'm almost finished with an adventurous "week two,"  I really wanted to update everyone on all the fabulous happenings of week one... because my sweet family definitely knows how to keep me busy and entertained while I'm home, and I have tons of pictures.  
So here we go.... 

Fireworks and friends
On July 3rd, Mom took Lee Ann and me to the church she has been visiting lately for their big 4th of July celebration.  We met up with our friends the Tolberts, and we spent the whole evening drinking REAL lemonade, eating food, listening to live music (the band "Cardiac Jack and the Arrests" was a personal favorite), and watching hair frizz.  Yes, my dear northern/midwestern friends.... it is humid here.  And I love it.  (Well, up until the point that it is hard to breathe.... but other than that, it's fabulous.)  At the end of the evening, we watched a wonderful fireworks show.

Lee Ann and her friend Emily
My first day back was a wonderful reintroduction into the South.  My heat tolerance is redeveloping, and I'm fairly positive that by the end of the summer, I will be back to my old self... and by that, I mean that I won't sweat, I'll glisten.  A Southern woman to the core. 

Baby Bird
Meet Berty (short for Albert/Alberta, whichever is the case).

I found sweet Berty on the 4th of July while Darcy and I were going on our morning walk, 
and in true Miranda fashion, I ran inside with Darcy on my heels, dragging my mom outside while exclaiming about a helpless baby bird on the road in need of my love.  Poor Mom... I'm pretty sure she rolled her eyes a few times... and she may have had the fleeting (or not so fleeting) thought that we did NOT need another animal to add to our menagerie.... and maybe some thoughts about this sort of thing happening whenever I'm around.  (I've always been a hopeless animal lover/rescuer/caretaker...)  However, she kindly came to see the bird with me... and when we finally decided that it was near death, she let me take it under my wing (pun intended) to see if we could help it at all.

Somehow, some way.... little Berty has not only survived, but thrived as she has become a part of our family.  This week, she is looking a little more "grown up," and before you know it, she will be ready to leave her cage for good.....

But this "mama bird" hopes to have a few more days with her little baby bird.
(I'm sure I'll write more on this later!)

4th of July Sparklers
Baby sister's big birthday present was a camera that we bought from my dear friend Elizabeth.  Since the camera's arrival, Lee Ann has been experimenting and learning all about it.  The 4th presented a perfect opportunity for lessons in shutter speed and pictures of fireworks/sparklers (a skill that will come in handy next time we are in Disney World.  Disney fireworks = awesome)....

How I write the "M" when I sign my name

We plan to have another sparkler shoot because she realized she could change the shutter speed more and take even better pictures.  Stay tuned! :)

Photo Shoot: numero uno
A random photo shoot occurred the next day, just for more camera/lighting learning.  Of course, Darcy and I love to model.  And thanks to the handy camera remote, we were able to take some sister pictures, too.
Popping bubbles!

A water park, picnic, and Rutherfords... OH MY!
On Thursday, a bunch of the Rutherford gang (my mom's side of the family) headed over to Geyser Falls for some family fun.  Not all of the family could go, and those who weren't there were definitely missed... but we managed to have some fun on our wet outing!

Coley's Chuck E. Cheesy Birthday
My little cousin Coley celebrated his birthday at Chuck E. Cheese... which meant more family fun AND the opportunity to pretend to be a little kid again.  And being a little kid is one of my favorite pastimes. 

Lee Ann thought we would get in trouble for being in this thing.... 
So we kept hiding.... If you zoom into this picture, you see the face below......


Girls will be girls... and try on hats when the opportunity presents itself.



I fully intend to bring hats back "in" style.  It's a new goal. 

Sunday family fun
Sunday was a special treat because I got to hear my cousin Bill preach and then have more family time after church.

Oh, and did I mention that I got to cuddle the Blair's precious dog?? 
Because I definitely did that, too. 

And that about wraps up the first edition of "Southern Summer Adventures."  Stay tuned for the week two update... which will happen sooner rather than later!!! 

I hope everyone is having a blessed weekend!


melanie said...

love the pictures!

Meadows said...

I love having southern summer adventures with you!

Laurel said...

Love the pictures Miranda! Miss you TONS!

Mandy [Mandipidy] said...

Oh my goodness, that baby bird is just absolutely adorable! And that is amazing that it's thriving... so happy you are having a good experience with that (we recently found an abandoned baby animal, and it did not go so well :()
And I LOVE the sparkler pictures!! That is so neat!

cailen ascher said...

what great pictures! and that baby bird is just adorable!

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