Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guest post at Teatime Thoughts!

Hello again, sweet friends!

I am so excited to be featured at Teatime Thoughts today.  Candice has a beautiful blog that is a fantastic reflection of her heart, passions, and love for life.  She is just such a lovely person, and I'm glad to have her as one of my blogging friends!  I hope you will stop by and get to know her... and while you're at it, read my post, okay?  :)   Here is a tasty tidbit....

I want my life to be an adventure... don't you?  I want to be the heroine of my story, following my dreams even when it seems impossible... with my trusty sidekick Darcy at my side, of course.

Okay.  That's all I'm giving you for now!  If you want to read more of my thoughts on life, faith, and tea, you will have to go HERE.

Oh, and my trusty sidekick says hello! 
*insert tail wag and puppy kisses here*


Ashley Lane Hamlin said...

SUCH a great post!!

Natalia said...

That was so much fun to read! Fabulous job :)
Oh, and I now know where my obsession with sweet tea comes from.

I lived in Mississippi for the first two years of my life... I suppose once a Mississippi girl always a Mississippi girl, haha.

Candice said...

Thank you so much for posting for me, Miranda! You are an inspiration! :)