Friday, June 24, 2011

A life update list with a side of painting.

Somehow, my days have gotten crazier lately, which means very little blogging... and I'm totally and completely blaming it on the fast paced, rigorous, work days of summer school.... and I'm praying with all my heart that the blame is adequately placed because I am very much ready for a slower pace after my final on Monday (woohoo!).

So here's a list of some randomness... because let's face it.  Nothing organizes randomness better than a numbered list.  Can I get an Amen?  :)

1...  A couple of weeks ago, I planted a "garden."  And by garden, I mean I put a flower box on my balcony and some plants on my doorstep (if only I had a little piece of land  for a real garden!!).

Darcy helped, of course... well, actually she tried to eat the flowers... which is what she was doing before she looked at the camera in the picture with her face in the flowers.  Such a silly girl....

2...  My wonderful former practicum supervisor, Dr. Mills, asked me to paint some canvases for a her little baby Emily (who will hopefully come into the world next Tuesday).  She sent me a picture of the bedding.....  (And this is not the actual nursery.  This is a picture from the website.)

I used some of the different patterns in the blanket as backgrounds for the letters of her name.

I was able to see the finished product in the nursery, and I think it turned out well!  I was a little nervous that Dr. Mills wouldn't like the paintings... but she loved them! 

In the next week, I will be finishing up a few more paintings that I can't wait to show you.  In the meantime, I'm linking up with Studio JRU for "Sneak Peek Friday".  So hop on over there and see what other people have going on in the studio this week! :)

3...  I'm going home soon, and I. can't. wait.  I'm going to have dance parties with my little sister, squeeze my mama really tight, eat chocolate chip pancakes with my best friend, have tons of fun with the Rutherford bunch, and visit all my Alabama friends that I love oh-so-much.  

Not to mention, it's in the 50's in Chicagoland today, and I'm desperate for the Mississippi heat and humidity.  This is NOT summer, no matter what they say about the North (or Midwest?) having definite seasons  (sorry dear Rachel.... I love your home, but my Southern blood has been frozen far too long... and I need to come visit you, JM and AnnaBelle because my heart hurts from going so long without seeing you!).

4... I adore birthday cake ice cream.  Just thought you should know.

   5... My very first dog, Danke, turned 14 years old last Sunday.  When I was 10, I saved up my money for months so that I could get a dog... and she was the perfect dog for me.  She used to look like this....

But now, she looks like this....

She may be white-muzzled and 14, but she is just as spunky as ever.  And I can't wait to cuddle her soon.

6... Baby sister's birthday is tomorrow.... She says she turns 19, but I don't believe her.  She is still my little baby.

7... I have a packed weekend ahead, and I will probably have tons of pictures to share soon.  I also have several blog posts in the works about some different thoughts that have been on my heart, and I can't wait to be back on a more regular blogging schedule (I just have to make it past my final on Monday!).  
So expect to hear from me soon, my dear friends.  
Until then... happy Friday, lovely ones!!!


INeedToColor said...

Miranda, my fellow Southerner (I hail from the Land of Ya'll as well), I love the paintings you did for your friend! They're gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! How lucky she must have felt to have received such heartfelt art! She will treasure them! I hope you get to go back home soon. I live in Seattle now, and we still haven't thawed out yet! We head back home in a month! YAY!

Anna said...

Visiting from studio JRU-oh the paintings for the nursery are just so beautiful. Of course she would love them! We live in what is called "lower Alabama" NW Florida! Hope the hydrangeas are still blooming and that your trip is even better than you hoped!Bring your swimsuit, its hot hot hot.

Jennifer @ Studio JRU said...

Beautiful flowers... and Darcy is so sweet! Love the pretty letters you made for Emily. They are gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful trip home! Spunky Danke is adorable. :) Good luck on your upcoming final! YAY!

Anonymous said...

Your garden is just beautiful...and I love your list. You dogs are just precious...and WOW on the nursery art, great job!

Have a great time visiting family and friends! Take it easy. =)

Robin Norgren said...

the canvases hold so much whimsy and hope! you create BEAUTIFUL things....

Mandy [Mandipidy] said...

Darcy and your garden are both adorable!! And I LOVE the canvases that you made... they are so perfect for that bedding! You are very talented! :)