Thursday, May 26, 2011

Happy BIRTHday, Danny Jr!

Today, darling 6 lb. 1 oz. Danny Jr. was born to my friends Daniel, a fellow classmate, and Jenny, his lovely wife.  2 days premature, the little guy is healthy and absolutely ADORABLE!  

Anna and I decided to go visit the precious family, and not long after we got there, several of our other classmates and friends arrived.  Of course, I whipped out the camera... and I was slightly laughed at by everyone... (They are just now realizing that I bring my camera with me everywhere.  Where have they been the past 2 years of school?!)  

Friend photos with the little one...
Roger and Danny 
Nancy and Danny
Anna and Danny

With Sam, who will soon have a baby of his own, it took a lot of convincing
 to get him to hold the baby.... he seemed to think he would break him.
Roger with Carter... clearly a different baby
Carter and Danny meeting for the first time (Carter was modeling for me...)
Thank goodness I had my camera, because the little family had not even had their first family photo yet!  So after taking millions of pictures of Danny with everyone else, I finally convinced Mom and Dad to huddle up with baby for a few pictures....  

The very first picture of all three together
Danny even smiled for this one!

CONGRATULATIONS Daniel and Jenny, 


Anonymous said...

Awe, how precious! Congrats to the Mommy & Daddy! He's beautiful!

Young People in Love said...

Such beautiful pictures! What a special, special day!

Just found your bloggy :) Following!