Monday, May 2, 2011

Becoming grateful... a heart overwhelming or overflowing?

The end of the semester approaches, with stress, its best friend, close at hand. The hours of sleep diminish.  The meals become faster and greasier.  Friends isolate, all burdened with the tests, the papers, the projects, the presentations... Hands stiffen and ache (early days of carpal tunnel??).  Summer school looms ahead, and relationships are ending as life seasons shift.  Change is coming, and the unknown clouds future skies.  

My focus shifts... from what blesses to what stresses.  And as I focus on the stressors, I find myself focusing less on the gifts.  After counting everyday for several weeks, all of a sudden the gift list begins to skip days... the numbers slow in coming.

The heart weighs heavy with stress, negativity overwhelming instead of joy overflowing.
And I remember.

I remember what it's like to laugh at a spilt smoothie.
I remember the blessings in disguise.
I remember the joy of carrying hope for others.
And I remember the little joys that bring bigger joy.

Today, I'm grateful that I remember and renew the count of the gratefulness.  Finals week is already feeling more joy-filled and overflowing rather than heart-burdened and overwhelming.

So here is the continuing list!

417... Surprise baby shower for Dr. Mills (my supervisor) and baby Emily 
(below are the onesies I painted for Emily)

426... Bittersweet ending with a client
430... Praying for clients when I think about them
431... The safety of my little sister and friends in Alabama
432... Skype royal wedding princess party with Elizabeth!
Freshly groomed
Showing off the new do!
447... The soft golden honey colored fur of Darcy when she gets a much needed haircut 
449... Babysitting baby Carter
452... Baby crying... and finally sleeping...

453... Learning about motherhood
458... Beautiful blue skies
459... Exploring nearby forest preserve with Darcy

460... Trees
463... Catching pink puppy tongue on camera (very much an accident)
464... Cuddliness of freshly groomed Darcy

I hope your week overflows with joy!


Jazzi said...

Very cute painting job on the clothes. They will love it. Darcy, you are looking cute as usual!!


Anonymous said...

Your days sound very full...and I'm glad that even in the midst of so much 'pressure' you were able to find things to be grateful for. Hope you have a wonderful week!

The Rocky Creek Scotties said...

Joys abound in all of our lives - sometimes they are easy to see and other times we have to look a bit harder for them. I love coming to your blog because it's a gentle reminder of the grace that fills our life on a daily basis.

Darcy looks beautiful and so do you!!


Love Unawakened said...

Absolutely wonderful post!