Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Royal Celebration!

Yesterday, I woke up bright and early at 3:30a.m..... why?  THE ROYAL WEDDING, of course!!!  Some may find it silly, but I couldn't help but dream of the big day.  I have often heard my Mom tell me about how she was working at a hospital during Prince Charles and Princess Diana's wedding, and she remembers the excitement and anticipation of watching the event unfold.  Since she was about my age when she saw that royal wedding, I somehow felt connected to the 20-something Mom (who wasn't a mom yet) when I got up in the wee hours for this royal wedding.

Thankfully, I didn't have to wake up to celebrate on my own.  My beautiful friend Elizabeth has been dreaming about the royal celebration along with me, and a few weeks ago we decided to have a royal wedding princess party!!  The difficult part about this is that I live in Chicago and she lives in North Carolina....... but no worries!  Technology saved the day, and around 4 a.m., a grand Skype party commenced.

How does a royal Skype party work, you ask?  For 3 hours 32 minutes and 13 seconds we watched the wedding festivities "together," and it was fabulous!

Inspired by Kate, or shall I say Princess Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, Lizzy and I dressed in our finest... well, our finest headgear, anyway.  Elizabeth broke out her wedding veil, I clipped in my feather fascinator, and Monty (her Scottie) put on his top hat (Darcy couldn't join us because she had spent the night at the vet while I was out of town the day before... which is sad, because I would have made her wear a fascinator along with me.)

So here is a little taste of our morning:
We took pictures of each other on the computer screen.
Doesn't Monty look dapper?  And Lizzy looks gorgeous, right? :)
We took pictures of the wedding on the TV (yes, I do have a post-it prayer reminder on my tv).
We got a little teary when we saw Kate for the first time...
We discussed the wedding attire (good and bad).

We somehow stayed awake until the two balcony kisses.
All wedding photos from
And then we crashed... but that was after the party.  I don't know how long Liz napped, but I definitely rested my eyes for a couple of hours.

Another thing that happened at our little party was reminiscing... I distinctly remember saying, "Elizabeth... Did you ever think when we were four years old and in ballet together that we would be doing this twenty years later?"  And, of course, neither of us thought about that then... but I was being sappy, and Lizzy was patient with me (and possibly a little sentimental too... how could you not be with a friendship that's lasted this long? :)  Which is why I should probably post a few pictures that just so happen to be on my hard drive....
Junior year.... I was Cindy Lu Who for this particular party...
Senior year... our friend Caroline's senior party
Prom!  This is our tradition... taking pictures of ourselves, by ourselves since the 90s.
Right before Liz moved away for college
(Too bad I don't have any pictures in my apartment from the awkward-almost-adolescent stage....)

Needless to say, Friday morning was a blast and a joy, and I am SOOO glad that I got to share the event with dearest Elizabeth.  If you want to hear her take on the morning, head over to Liz's photography blog (she is an awesome photographer, by the way). 

I hope everyone is having a royally wonderful weekend!

"Every wedding is a royal wedding with the bride and groom as king and queen of creation, making a new life together so that life can flow through them into the future."
(the quote from the wedding that gave me hope of a royal wedding for myself :)


Meadows said...

So glad you Ladies (and Lord Monty) had a cheerio time! Just wondering...did you think that a certain two young princesses looked a little "ugly step-sisterly?"
Love you!
Queen Mama

Megan said...

Weddings are so exciting! I enjoyed reading about the way you celebrated this royal one!