Saturday, April 2, 2011

Darcy is 2!!!

Happy 2nd birthday to Lady Darcy of Pemberley!  
I can hardly believe that little Darcy is 2 years old!  It seems like just yesterday that I was meeting 11 week old Darcy for the first time.... and it was clearly love (or lick) at first sight!

So how are we celebrating this grand day?  So far, a long morning walk, playtime with a couple of neighborhood dogs, a birthday bath (she got a little muddy during playtime...), a trip to PetSmart (which was not technically a birthday trip... we needed some ear drops... but don't tell Darcy), and of course...... A BIRTHDAY PHOTO SHOOT! 
Yes.... I did make a birthday hat for her.  
A girl has to rest after a busy birthday morning.
Trying to get the treats from my lap during the "photo shoot"
The birthday cupcake!
Isn't she a stunning birthday dog?!
Now I'm off to do some homework!  I hope everyone is having a beautiful and blessed Saturday!


Meadows said...

Happy birthday, my sweet grand-puppy! I love the beautiful "birthday hat" your mom made!

Aileen said...

Happy Birthday Darcy! I love these sweet pictures of you. Hope you have had a wonderful day!

Ashley said...

happy birthday, darcy! today jack and gandalf turned 2! (They said, "meow", which means "happy birthday!" in cat) darcy is as good as photo shoots as her mom and aunt lee ann...and when i look into her puppy face, i think to myself, "yep, she looks just like a 'meadows'" love you, best friend!