Monday, April 4, 2011

Becoming grateful... the gift of joining journeys

Two days a week, I listen.  I rest into the presence of others, hearing the shouts of pain and unloading burdens too heavy to carry alone.  I join their journey and carry the hope that they are too broken to find, prayerfully waiting for the day when they will realize that the hope is light and easy when the burdens aren't bearing down... that the hope changes the weight of the burdens.  I look for the growth and share the growing I see, and I'm rewarded with the bright eyes and proud smiles.  They see it too. 

Often, they thank me.  But the truth is, I am thankful for them.  I don't think they realize the gifts they give me.

Being a new therapist (or an old one, for that matter) isn't always the easiest job.  Being present with others in the deepest pain, sadness, and brokenness often hurts.  It overwhelms.  It burdens.  

Yet, I am honored and blessed to, if only for a moment, share in the life journey of another.  To help someone find hope and gain peace is a gift that goes both ways.

And for my clients, I am so thankful.  They show me true courage... the strength it takes to become vulnerable with another.  They show me hope when they are able to carry the hope on their own.  In their growth, they give me gifts, and when they see God in their pain, but also in their joy and hope, my heart fills to the brim.  One precious person tells me, "God wants to know me," and I smile big while he smiles big and tears fill eyes while joy fills hearts.

And this week, while I am grateful for very many God gifts, I am especially grateful for the gift of joining life journeys.

And the list continues!  I'm still counting down (or up!), from 1 to 1,000, all the wonderful gifts in my life.  I passed 200 this week, and I'm almost to 300!  Here are some of these precious gifts that fill my heart with joy:

180... Longer days
188... Pink, orange, and purple painted in the evening sky, and driving towards it
190... Doodling
204... Time to pray at my practicum
205... Singing in my office
208... The beautiful gift of walking along with my sweet clients on their life journey
211... Purple fading to deep blue in the night sky, a lone star glimmering in the expanse
220... Rain on the roof, lulling me to sleep
222... Crafting Darcy's birthday hat
226... Crawling into the coolness and comfort of a freshly made bed with clean sheets
228... Darcy's 2nd birthday!!! (for more pictures, see this post)
231... Muddy paws
232... Darcy's golden, wet curls 
237... Darcy wearing hat without fuss
238.. Birthday photo shoot and the cuteness of Darcy in her hat
239... Yellow fire hydrant
240... Rawhide cupcake and patient pooch
245... First flowers of spring, tiny tulip buds barely out of the otherwise barren ground
246... Nilla wafers sandwiching peanut butter
248... Sharing excitement over the royal wedding with Elizabeth... and planning a skype princess party :)
249... Darcy's fascination with this sweet video of a dog reunited with his owner
250... Tired puppy lying across my feet
255... Flowers blooming that were closed in the morning
258... A friendly smile in an unexpected place.... 
Happy Monday!

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Merissa said...

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment!
I absolutely love the party hat! what a cute pup!

Judith Miller said...

Hi Miranda,

Followed Tammy's link from Writes of Passage so I could see your wonderful pictures. Your post and your pictures lifted my spirits and my heart.

Joan said...

Hi Miranda:

Stopping by from Ann's blog.I enjoyed reading your blessings and your photos are beautiful.

Thanks for visiting Reflections and leaving a comment.


Cora from Hidden Riches said...

I just loved this post today! The way you described helping others was just fantastic. I never thought of the gift of encouragement that way before -- that we should all show others hope, carry it for them and with them until they can carry it on their own. You have definitely been given a gift, and your heart oozes out all over!!! Thank yo so much for this. It was an honor to be here today!