Saturday, March 5, 2011

Best friend and wedding bells

A little over a week ago, I received the very important, exciting call.  The call I had been expecting.... the one that means change, but not the bad kind of change.  But, still... it's a growing kind of change...

My best friend is getting married!

For over 10 years now, she has been my other (and often better) half.  Sometimes I feel like it's hard to see where I end and she begins.  Where I am weak, she is strong, and vice versa... We just compliment each other in that way; and yet, we are practically the same person with the same heart.  My best friend isn't afraid to be be silly.  She flies kites with me, appreciates my corny puns (and she's pretty "punny" herself...), makes fantastic chocolate chip pancakes, speaks in Jane Austen-ese with me, and hugs like we are matching pieces in a puzzle (because she is just tiny enough and I am just tall enough for us to fit together perfectly).  Oh, and speaking of puzzles... we ROCK at putting them together.

We like skunks, Disney, Narnia, and, most importantly, Jesus.  And did I mention that we celebrate Christmas like it's nobody's business??  Because we do. (The Annual Christmas Claymation Extravaganza... it usually lasts for days....)

  My best friend knows me inside and out... She shines with the special light that God has given her, and when I need it most, she shines that light in the darkest corners of my heart.  She is a constant encouragement in my times of doubt or fear, allowing me to draw on her strength when I am most vulnerable.  She knows just what to say to lift my spirits and make me giggle.... and believe me, we giggle a lot. 

I am pretty sure that when God was creating her, He was thinking about all the ways that we would be perfect best friends for each other.   

When we met, our hearts began to grow together until they were eventually one.  We even used to say that we could feel each other's pain, and I don't think we were really joking.

I used to fear that when we faced certain changes in our relationship, maybe we would grow away from each other... and I was scared to lose the other half of my heart.  I've learned a lot since those early fears...

The changes have only brought us closer.

Together we faced the trials and triumphs of adolescence.  Together we faced college and our fears of the unknown... Together we face adulthood... my move to the big city and her move into the work force. 
 And we are closer today than we were yesterday... 
And tomorrow we will be closer than we are today. 

And then this summer, the boy happened.  A rather special boy who loves the Lord first, my best friend second, and me third.... (well, maybe I shouldn't be in the love list... or at least not that high up :)  I will admit, I experienced a wee bit of anxiety back in the day when the boy first started dating the best friend.... How would this change things?  Could we still be best friends even while a wonderful boy was becoming her best friend too?

And every time my heart asked these questions, I remembered all we have gone through together.  God molded our hearts together a long time ago, and nothing can or ever will change that.

My best friend is such a gift from God.  I hope that everyone has their very own best friend.  Someone who shines God's light to everyone around, but especially in your heart.  Someone whose heart seems made to meet with yours.  And I hope that everyone finds the love that she has found in the boy.  What a precious gift they have found in each other, and I could not be more thrilled to add the boy to my family!!  Plus, he seems to understand and appreciate our silliness... not to mention, he's pretty silly himself.  

Congratulations to best friend and her man!  I can't wait to grow old with y'all. :)

"It seemed they had always been, and would always be, friends.  Time could change much, but not that. They were two halves of a whole, sharing a single spirit.  It was the spirit of friendship, and it was alive and well."  
~Winnie the Pooh~

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