Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Introducing Lady Darcy of Pemberley

Most people probably know that I live with this girl…

But I feel that it is time for her formal introduction.

This is Lady Darcy of Pemberley, my almost two-year-old Scottish Terrier.  Darcy (as I call her) has a whole lot of spunk and a huge personality in that short, long, well-muscled body.  However, if you think she’s spunky now, you probably didn't meet her back when she looked like this….

Or this......

Pretty cute, huh?

Underneath that cute exterior was the rambunctious, nonstop ball of energy that liked to latch onto my hands when teething (the scars have finally disappeared…) and pick up after me by eating anything “out of place" (such as a cell phone… see picture below).... 

Yet, even with all that puppyhood exuberance, I remember saying at the time, "Could I possibly love her any more than I do now?"  I was even slightly fearful that she just wouldn’t be as "lovable" when she grew up to look like this….

I’m happy to say that I was so terribly wrong to even have that fear.  She’s no lap dog, but she has definitely mellowed since puppyhood… Yet, she hasn't lost any of that awesomely fun personality.  She’ll snuggle sometimes, and I treasure it…. Just like I treasure the times she sits in front of me and uses her "I-need-you-to-pay-attention-to-me" bark..

I love so many things about this girl…

I love how she learns tricks super fast, but sometimes thinks that when I have a treat she needs to do her whole repertoire quickly (It usually starts with sit... then down...... then back to sit with a little wave... then "dance" and "speak" to end it.) 

I love that she is very catlike, but in a very dog way (she rubs her body up against all the furniture, and if you put your hand on her head, she will rub her face into your hand... oh, and she "makes biscuits" with her paws, just like a cat.)

I love that she’'s not perfect, but she’'s pretty close to it as far as dogs go.
I love how she tilts her head when I say something "curious," and how she seems to know when she is being photographed.

I love how she “flirts” with man and dog alike… and it often works.

I love how she smells (most of the time...), and I think her smell is something similar to vanilla.

I love that people compliment her pretty face…. And I beam as if she is a part of me.  And maybe she is.

I love that she sees me in many ways as God may see me, with an unconditional love.  She reminds me of the beauty of all of God’s creation… When she's imperfect, I'm reminded of how the Fall affected all of creation, not just man…. But when she is as close to perfect as a dog can be, I remember God’s grace and the beauty that He shows us in the simple things… the beauty that draws us closer to Him.  

And isn't it fun to think that Adam and Eve may have had a dog too?

If you've never had a dog in your life, maybe you don't understand why all this fuss about a little fur ball… But I will tell you now that there is something very wonderful about the connection with a nonhuman creature… specifically a dog. 

Belonging to a dog is not always easy, but it is nothing short of an adventure.  

The first meeting.... it was love.
Right before the first "big girl" haircut...
And right after... such a little lady!
Halloween 2010.. A pink unicorn with a princess in the saddle!
P.S.  I can't talk about Darcy without mentioning her "big sister" Danke.  At almost 14 years old, this lady runs the farm back in Mississippi.  I wish she could be with me up north, but she would hate the cold... plus, she's pretty set in her ways.


Mallory Anne said...

your puppy is so sweet! i miss you!!

Tay Talk said...

This post made me smile and laugh. My little puppy is currently running around like puppies do. Precious one moment and little terrors another. But all in all you love them so much.

Darcy is a sweet heart! And so cute :)

Kellyry said...

A lovely description of what sounds like an absolute doll! Being a P&P fan, I LOVE the name. I also LOVE her Halloween costume - hilarious!

Meadows said...

I love.....love.....love......my grandpuppy!

Daydream Living said...

Hi Miranda,
I saw your comment over at Saskia's and see that you are new in Blogland, so welcome! I read a bit of your posts, and thought of a very great blog for you to read, perhaps you will like her too, vintch also at blogspot, enjoy your yourney of becoming!
(Oh, and your Darcy seems like she would get along great with our Mackenzie)